D.I.Y. Grateful Jar!

Hello Beautiful People!

Today I wanted to create something that can help you as it does me with our day to day life.

Sometimes when I get a little frustrated at what life throws at me this simple, fun D.I.Y. always cheers me up and helps me to look at the bright side.

Let’s get started!


STEP 1- Find a jar


For this step you can pick any jar whether a mason jar, cookie jar or this one that I got from Hobby Lobby.


STEP 2- Find colorful paper


I find that whenever I have bright colored paper in my “grateful” jar it causes me to want to write more reasons why I am grateful, especially when I may be feeling down.



STEP 3- Personalize



I like making the paper into fun pieces by taking decorative scissors and trimming them.


STEP 4- Start writing




I believe this part is self explanatory. Truly sit down and think, ponder and pause about why you are grateful and what you are blessed with. Simply by doing this every day causes the thankful reminders to be there especially on the days I may have forgotten because of life’s distractions that attempt to get in the way. Remember to place the date each time you write one down to remember the goodness of God.


STEP 5- Fill it up!


Doesn’t this jar make you happy? It does for me… So remember that you are truly blessed and favored everywhere you go! I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY! I know I did! Not only was it fun but it is beneficial.

Make sure to leave your comments for video and more blog ideas!


XO, Paris


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