What’s In My Purse?


I wanted to do something different with this tag. Instead of uploading a video I decided to change it up a bit and simply write a blog post.


So, let’s get started…


Isn’t this a beauty? This is my Micheal Kors Studded backpack.

This bag is my favorite for many reasons: it has plenty of space, organizing compartments to help fit almost anything and everything I want and I must add it is very convient to just “throw on” and it’s helpful as it doesn’t easily fall off and most of all it goes well with almost any outfit.


Above ^^^ is a better picture of the studded detail…




With this bag I have these Micheal Kors fluff balls.

Black Fur Ball

Grey Fur Ball

I love these mostly because they add a little extra “spunk” to the bag – not that the bag needs any extra help, however for me personally it definitely adds it’s own unique look.



Here is the first item inside my backpack…it’s my simply sleek black Michael Kors wallet.

I love this wallet because it fits EVERYTHING I need!




Here is my travel makeup bag which is the famous Pusheen cat. I got this little bag from a local toy store and I fell in love with him instantly – not just because this bag fit my makeup needs but of course because he is a cat.





These are my Beats Solo HD Headphones I simply LOVE these. They are comfortable to wear and the sound is EXCELLENT. Headphones are a great item to bring in your purse at all times.




Keys… not much to say about this ADORABLE item – I think they speak for themselves…got these cuties at T.J. Maxx for $5!!




This is a random item in my bag but I got this sample from Walgreens, the cool part is I have been wanting to try this specific cleanser, so to say the least I was excited to get these as samples so I could finally try it…and they are definitely worth the purchase! Thank you Biore for the samples.




Here are my glasses for driving! Got them from VisionWorks as you can see… yep…




Here is my favorite brush of all time..it’s the Tangle Teezer and gets every tangle out while not hurting my head when I brush…definitely a must have.




Here is my Fit Bit I try to bring it with me as often as possible just to keep track of how many steps I’ve taken along with checking the time.




Last thing in my bag is my sample that was featured in my April Birchbox Review! I have personally found that it is such a great idea to bring perfume with you in your bag just in case you need a little refresher.

Well, I hope you enjoyed!

Thank you for a “Like” and posting a comment for future video and blog requests…thank you so much!


XO, Paris
















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