“Just Because” Night…


Hello Fashion Friends!

I hope your summer break has been fun. I wanted to first of all apologize for not posting these past few weeks. I am getting settled back into the groove after much needed family and friends time who came in from out of town and plainly just haven’t made the time to just sit down and write.

Well, let’s get started…

When my Grandma came in from out of town and because we don’t get to see her as often as we would like, she wanted to have a “Just Because” night since we haven’t gotten to celebrate several Christmases with her… I loved her idea so much that I had to share with each of you. So, if you have friends or family that you don’t get to see often, make a fun night to give gifts and just enjoy each other’s company, like she did with us…

First thing we did as a family is she had us go shopping with her and she had us pick out one thing that was $40 or less… Now my grandma is fun and she wanted to buy all of us something so all of the gifts were from her so we didn’t buy each other gifts, but each of us bought her one – so if you wanted to, you could do a “Just Because” like you would at Christmas –  or you don’t have to do that at all…


Once we went shopping it was time to decorate and bring in the Christmas spirit…

I turned on my record player and played some good ol’ classic Christmas music!


Now we needed a tree… My mom had this tree that was dead and spray painted it gold several years ago and it was perfect too because it still had lights on it and instead of hanging ornaments, we hung these “Just Because” cards from the $1 section at Target! Each card had a cute message…so on the front it says,  “Just Because” and on the inside one of the cards said, “You’re amazing”!


Now with food, we ordered yummy pizza from Marco’s Pizza and for dessert we had “Angel Food Cake” with strawberries!! (Heart-eye Emoji)

As the decorations and food were prepared it was time to get the party started!! The gifts were under the tree and everyone was ready to open the items they picked while they were out with grandma … here are some of the pictures …



After gifts we finished off the night with a good game of cards…



This night was so much fun! Remember that this is what we did but you and your family can make up your tradition with a “Just Because” night however you want to do it.

I hope this inspired you to create random nights like this as it was a memorable one.

If you’ve done something like this with your family/friends, please share…and remember to comment below for more video and blog ideas!

Love you all!

XO, Paris



4 thoughts on ““Just Because” Night…

  1. oh, my goodness, what an incredibly FUN thing to do…this was your “OTHER grandmother??? i was expecting your mom’s mom, then when i saw her photo, i KNEW she was your dad’s mom…sweetness extraordinaire! this was like Christmas in JUNE! who KNEW?????? thanks for sharing such delightful things paris… your mom posts things to call us BACK into the Kingdom; your posts also call us back into the FUN Kingdom of GOD! love you sooo much! mama saw

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    1. the only snafu in my comment says it was posted at 8:13 PM rather than 3:13, so in case you want to? you need to change your CLOCK??? like I would know how to do it??? NOT!

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  2. We have done outdoor movie nights with a projector, blow up air mattresses ( the comfy bed kind and the floatie pool kind) and blankets! Something about a movie projected up on the side of the house under the stars with everyone snuggled up together with tons of popcorn makes it a whole different ( and way more awesome) experience! Kids LOVE IT!! :))

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