Welcome to my bed!


Hello friends!


I decided to do something a little different with this tag and show you where I sleep by creating a blog post instead of a video…


Let’s get started!





Here is a overview of my bed space. When I decided what theme I wanted my room to be I went with simple yet cozy.




Starting with the white comforter I got this from Target

I am OBSSESSED with this bedding it’s cozy yet really light perfect for the spring/summer time.




Time for the fluffy pillows!!



The Black fur pillow is from Athome.

The Juicy Couture white fur pillow is from Kohl’s.

The Grey fur pillow is from Bed Bath & Beyond.





These White pillows came with the comforter from Target.



IMG_1450 (1)


the grey and white sheets are from Betsey Johnson.





This Creme body pillow is from Costco.




Finally the last few items on my bed is this white pillow my friend Leah left for me before she went back to live with her family and this Pooh blanket that I have had since I was a baby!


The striped sheets are also from Betsey Johnson!





This Tan Headboard is from Athome.


Now onto the night stands!




the tables I have as my night stands are both from Goodwill. They were originally natural wood but we spray painted them metallic gold.

the two gold lamps I have on each side of my bed are from Target.

the candle and bird were both gifts.

the slippers are both from Victoria Secret.




Right next to my night stand I have a Paris mannequin as a gift and this metal T from a junkyard!





Now this is what is on my night stand besides my phone charger I have my favorite candle Mahogany Teakwood from Bath and Body Works!

These adorable Books I got from Urban Outfitters it talks about photography! super cute!





Alright everyone!

That was my bed!! I hope you enjoyed and make sure you comment and like if you want to see more post like this one. Thank you!!



XO. Paris






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