Fall Edition: Bloggers Tell All!


Hello Fashion Friends,

Well, here we go, it’s none other than Blogger’s Tell All!!! Woohoo!!!

As you follow my blog you’ll see that almost every month I have all my amazing fashion friends come together and share their favorite interests such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle and home.

So here is the question of the month…


What is your must-have fall accessory?

Kylie Bollwitt, Director of Fashion X  Instagram @kybstyles


COMBAT BOOTS! They are comfortable, durable, warm and bring essence of edginess to any outfit!”

Sue Han, Makeup LoverIMG_5638.JPG

“My Must have accessory is a black hair tie! So simple, but totally comes in handy. I never leave my house without one. Technically, I don’t think it’s considered an “accessory”, but it’s definitely a must have for me every single day!!”

Jennifer Northington, Makeup Lover

IMG_0290.JPG“I absolutely can not live without black leggings. While this may seem plain, it is a staple for fall. You can pair them with anything, dress them up or down and they are so cozy and comfy!!!!”

Darryon Beeson, Blogger of From the Daughter Instagram @darryonbeeson

IMG_0291.JPG“A super amazing pair of ear warmers! Even though I am never really cold enough for them, They really bring any fall outfit together.”

Lauren Farr, Model, Fashion Enthusiast Instagram @laurenfarrfarraway


“My hands down go-to fall accessory is my gold chain bracelet from Shopmissa and my leather watch from this super cute boutique Francesca’s . I love pairing them together just because they seriously go with anything and everything. Simply adorable with any outfit.”

Paris Keelea, Blogger of Fashionbyparis Instagram @parisittv


“One of my favorite must have fall accessories is my Mini black fur backpack from Forever 21. So fun and unique.  Adds spunk to every outfit. Simply amazing.”

We hope you enjoyed our October/November collaboration! Please go check out their inspiring websites/blogs and always remember your feedback is incredibly appreciated!



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