For real…HELP! I know you might be thinking, “How disgusting” but come on girls let’s be real, we’ve all had those days…

For instance today, I am the girl who plays it “safe” when it comes to my hair. I have three styles, perhaps four if I’m “feeling adventurous”. One of those styles is a simple side braid. So I braided my hair today and when I got to work I looked in the mirror and was not happy with my flat head. My roots were dull and just overall nasty.

So I took it down and decided to visit good ol’ Google and typed in these exact words, “Help I’m at work and my hair is greasy what do I do?”

My co-workers probably thought I was crazy asking for sanitizer as instead of putting it on my hands I placed it on the roots of my hair on my head. When they asked me what I was doing I told them what the article told me to do, the alcohol in the sanitizer will break down the oils and make my hair look fresher. I frantically grabbed paper towels as the article’s “tutorial” suggested dabbing them on the greasiest part of my hair as it was supposed to magically blot the grease from my hair.

(Clearing throat) Well, let’s just say I tried, hoping it worked until I looked into the mirror and to my dismay it was even greasier than it was before… Really? Shoot.

I sat down in my chair feeling defeated with my hair when suddenly I had a brilliant “light bulb” moment: okay you may have been thinking this was a blog post on cute hairstyles but what I am really wanting to share is a revelation I got as it cut right through the “grease” – ha!

As I was sitting at my desk and finally put my hair in a bun knowing that it would cover and hide my greasy roots…it was great, yet that’s not the revelation. As I went through all the tips and tricks, hoping and believing that one of these tips would magically turn out as a victory for my hair when I could have simply put in a bun, and here’s a light bulb moment, simply wash my hair.

Where am I going with this?

Well, think about it. In life you are going to have some obstacles and in those obstacles and tough times you will have great intentioned people who will share what has worked best for them and even give their tips and opinions on how you can be successful…of course it’s awesome they’re sharing – but in the end you’re the one that has to make the final decision and a fleeting opinion could make it or break it.

So as I finally sat down and realized what I could do in making my hair better it was after that first initial “freak out” moment where I chose to sit back and clarity came.

Having that light bulb moment.

Sitting down in the quiet and thinking.

Not freaking out that my hair wasn’t going my way.

Instead, remaining calm and even giving that small concern to the Lord as He showed me through common sense what to do with my hair. I know it may sound silly, “The Lord?”…yes, The Lord…because HE cares about even my hair. Oh and remember, He knows how many hairs are on my head…and yours too.  So yes, He even cares about my concern with wanting to help me with my greasy hair.

Although this wasn’t a normal “hair post”, if you have long hair and you have a greasy hair day, perhaps you can put it in a bun or have some good “dry shampoo” in your purse at all times.


I hope this encouraged and inspired you not to freak out in those “greasy” situations. Instead, sit down and truly think the situation through and clarity will come. Of course it helps when you ask the ONE who created you…as HE knows best.

Well, I love you all and get ready for a NEW Blogger’s “tell all” post coming very soon.

Talk to you “fashionistas” later…

XO, Paris


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