Welcome to my bed!

  Hello friends!   I decided to do something a little different with this tag and show you where I sleep by creating a blog post instead of a video…   Let’s get started!       Here is a overview of my bed space. When I decided what theme I wanted my room to […]

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Kansas & Las Vegas Vlog!

  Hello beautiful people! So last November I had the pleasure of going to Kansas & Las Vegas! I wanted to share this adventure with you all… Enjoy!   Part 1.     Part 2.     Part 3.     Part 4.     Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed! If you […]

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“Just Because” Night…

  Hello Fashion Friends! I hope your summer break has been fun. I wanted to first of all apologize for not posting these past few weeks. I am getting settled back into the groove after much needed family and friends time who came in from out of town and plainly just haven’t made the time […]

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What’s In My Purse?

  I wanted to do something different with this tag. Instead of uploading a video I decided to change it up a bit and simply write a blog post.   So, let’s get started… Isn’t this a beauty? This is my Micheal Kors Studded backpack. This bag is my favorite for many reasons: it has […]

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